Level of Study

Diploma Programme

Diploma in Animation

JPT/BPP (R3/0211/4/0092) 04/29, MQA/FA 14991
This programme is designed to equip students with skills in animation. Digital Animation is widely applied in production of films, videos, advertising architectural visualization, and special effects and in the creation of educational material. Thus, graduates of this programme have a wide range of options in terms of industries to choose from to start off their careers. Students learn both theoretical and fundamentals of drawing and computer technology used in animation. The aesthetical and creative elemets of animation are covered through traditional animation techniques and computer technologies. Storyboarding skills, scripting for animation, timing, layout design are incorporated into the programme. Two major projects will test the students’ competence in animation skills and techniques.

Diploma in Multimedia

JPT/BPP (R3/0211/4/0093) 06/29, MQA/FA 14992
This programme is designed to prepare and equip students with the required technical knowledge and skills for employment in a wide range of industries which use multimedia applications. A graduate of this programme may choose from a wide range of careers with manufacturers, production houses, television stations, advertising companies, newspaper, publishing house and other relevant industries.

Diploma of Engineering Technology (Computer & Networking)

JPT/BPP (R3/0713/4/0004) 06/29, MQA/FA 15196
The Computer and Networking Technology prepares student with skills in computer systems and network planning, hardware and software management, computer language programming, electronics, understanding of the software that run different computer systems, installation of hardware and software, network management, computer system and network securities, network resource management, network load and scheduling, web based and network applications develops independent network using UNIX and windows operating system platforms. Furthermore the students are also prepared to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve network, hardware and software problems, access to the internet, be able to analyze, evaluate and recommend cost effective network solutions, and to be prepared to sit for the CISCO CCNA examination. The programme also put emphasis on the student’s competence and confidence through active participation and networking technology studies.

Diploma in Information Technology

JPT/BPP (R3/0611/4/0049) 06/29, MQA/FA14990
This programme enables students to gain a sound knowledge and educational experience in the field of engineering and computing. Students gain knowledge in debugging, analysis and maintenance on computer equipment and its peripheral with the aid of latest educational technologies. Throughout the programme, students will be encouraged to develop a wide range of hardware and software knowledge and skills in the areas of digital electronics, computer architectures, software engineering and electronics product development. The course features a combination of theoretical and practical elements with virtually all subjects featuring a large amount of laboratory-based work. The project work is designed to develop management skills which will enable students to take responsibility for major computer-based projects after graduation.