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Tourist always portray Malaysian local as warm and friendly people, and this atmosphere continues when you get to the UniKL. You will find a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds, faiths, nationalities and ages all sharing the closely-knit city centre campus. This mixture of people in a compact space creates a vibrant community atmosphere where lifelong friendships are made between students from all over the world.

Malaysia comprises of West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) and East Malaysia. There are 13 states and 3 Federal Territories. It is located between 2 and 7 degrees north of the Equator and is divided into East and West by the South China Sea. Malaysia has a multiracial society with a population of about 22 million. There are three main races in the country. The Malays who are Muslims form the majority in the country. The other two groups are the Chinese and the Indians. The minority who are indigenous groups such as the Ibans, Kadazans, Dusuns, Dayaks, Bidayuhs and Muruts are in East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak). The national language spoken by the people of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu. However, English is widely spoken particularly in the towns and cities. Other languages used by the respective races are Cantonese, Mandarin & Tamil.


The official religion of the country is Islam which is synonymous with the Malays but other races are free to practice any religion. Among other religions practised in Malaysia are Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. Most religious festivals are gazetted as public holidays and celebrated nationwide regardless of race.


Malaysia’s economy mainly consists of the manufacturing services sector and is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic equipment mainly semiconductors. Other products include petroleum, liquefied natural gas, chemicals, palm oil, wood and wood products, rubber and textiles. Tourism is also an important source of income for the country. Visitors to Malaysia must possess a valid passport and visa or other internationally recognised travel documents. Passports should be valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of visit.


Malaysia enjoys an equatorial climate with temperatures ranging from 22- 30 degrees. However, highland temperatures can drop to 16 degrees. Annual rainfall is heavy, tropical thunder storms are a common feature.

Study in UniKL

‘Feels Like Home’ that’s how our students described their feelings about staying at UniKL. Simply because UniKL offers a unique combination of high academic standards, employment success and a prime location in beautiful surroundings, with ease of access to Kuala Lumpur city. Our students satisfactory always take precedence in the Student Affairs Department to make sure they get the desired academic success and welfare with us. We provide a range of services to help students achieve their educational and personal goals. Our role is to offer quality student-specific services to enable our students to succeed intellectually and socially during their campus life. Don’t forget to check out our facilities. Please click HERE for Study in UniKL booklet.


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Study in UniKL MIIT

Focusing on the areas of Information Technology, Multimedia and Animation, UniKL MIIT offers an easy-going, urban campus lifestyle to a total of 3,000 students. Each of its academic programme is embedded with professional certifications that helps produce market-ready graduates as well as young technopreneurs. To assist the students in their learning process, UniKL MIIT is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, which include computer labs with the latest software and hardware peripherals, animation gallery, recording studio-cum-media hub as well as smart boards placed in each classroom. Lectures are also conducted in several massive lecture halls and convention rooms. Being a friendly campus community too, it is hardly surprising to see the international students and staff rubbing shoulders with the local ones, both in and outside the classroom. As a means to promote a healthy lifestyle among UniKL MIIT students and staff, a gymnasium and student lounge are made accessible for everyone’s usage.

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