UniKL Consultation Week in Virtual!

UniKL Consultation Week in Virtual!

Want to know more about UniKL? Don’t fret! UniKL Consultation Week has now gone virtual!

Whatsapp us for more details on programmes of your interest.

Below are the campus hotlines to assist you with your inquiries, virtual campus tours and assistance with programme application

UniKL MIIT +60177292276
UniKL MIAT +60139138481
UniKL RCMP +60185742240
UniKL BMI +60103375881
UniKL MIMET +60195220789
UniKL MITEC +60175669698
UniKL MICET +60126311442
UniKL MIDI -+601158731477
UniKL MeSTech +60192069960
UniKL Business School +60109500515
UniKL MFI +601118710761
UniKL MSI +601157638410

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