Universiti Kuala Lumpur and UniKL MIIT Teaching Factory Initiative

The teaching factory concept is based on the knowledge triangle notion aiming to become a new paradigm of both academic and industrial learning. The mission is to provide engineering activities and hands-on practice under industrial conditions for university students, while taking up research results and industrial learning activities for engineers and blue-collar workers. This teaching factory concept is actually creating duplication of actual industrial factories related to programmes offered. Students are exposed to the authentic environment of a simulated manufacturing plant or workshop hence gaining real industrial experiences. Some examples of teaching factory at UniKL have been developed such as manufacturing and ship building, food processing, aircraft MRO, animation, warehouse, automotive and solar technology.

Business Centre

The Business Center (BC) is a commercial unit of UniKL MIIT which collaborates with other companies for internal and external customers & projects. This initiative formulate collaboration between academic members, alumnus, and students to involve with real industrial projects.

Functions and Services:

  1. Project Management and Delivery
  2. System Implementer (SI)
  3. Requirement Engineering
  4. Human Resource


Specialized in:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Customised Software
  4. Mobile App Development
  5. Animated Video & Movie
  6. Creative Multimedia

Contact personnel:

Dr. Abdul Hadi bin Mohamad


Index Main Client Project Sector Status Year
1 Universiti Kuala Lumpur Intra Management System Education On-going 2018
2 Universiti Kuala Lumpur UniKL Finance System Education On-going 2017
3 Universiti Kuala Lumpur MeSRA Sales and Marketing System Education Completed 2017
4 Malaysia Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) SPO Phase 1 Government Completed 2017
5 Malaysia Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) SPO Phase 2 Government Completed 2018
6 Malaysia Ministry of Youth and Sports PATEL (for teaching & learning) Government Completed 2016
7 Malaysia Ministry of Defence Integrated Campus Management System Military (Education) On-going 2018
8 Malaysia Ministry of Defence Digital Document Management system Military (Education) Completed 2018
9 Malaysia Ministry of Defence Datacentre Military (Education) Completed 2018
10 Kementerian Komunikasi Tender Management System Government Completed 2015
11 Hospital Kuala Lumpur Specimen Labelling System Healthcare Completed 2016

Collaborators and Partners