This companies listed below are part of the collaboration between industry and academia at UniKL MIIT. The companies listed are basically focusing on IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Computer System Security & Multimedia research clusters. The project duration of research collaboration is between 1-3 Years.

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Organization Research Agenda Member of Academic
Plus Berhad 2 students from UniKL MIIT Bachelor of Interactive Multimedia Design is currently working developing mobile apps for Plus Berhad  on “Road Safety” from Nov 2016 – Nov 2017 Dr Dahlan Abd Ghani
Princess Sumaya University Technology UniKL has sign Mou with Princess Sumaya University Technology, Jordan in 2016 to collaborate on research activities such as collaborative on projects, grants, conferences and etc. Thus, in 2017, PSUT will organize a conference on IoT & Security and MIIT will appoint several paper reviewers for the conference Dr Dahlan / Dr Eiad
Prasarana In 2016, UniKL has worked closely with Prasarana Bhd on using IoT for smart cities /transportation service in Klang Valley. This project is also consulted with our Visiting Professor,  Professor, AP Dr Jacque Morcos from  University of La Rochelle, France Dr Aedah
Okinawa Open Laboratory In 2016, Okinawa Open Laboratory in Japan has appointed UniKL MIIT to be associate partner On the 7-8th March 2017, UniKL MIIT will host the first International   Symposium on IOT Cloud Infrastruture Technology (IoT-CIT). The objective of organizing the symposium is to strengthern the cooperation between UniKL MIIT and Okinawa Open Laboratory. This is to provide a platform for researchers from industry, academia and government in sharing ideas and experiences,that related to field of science , technology, computers.




Dr Megat Norulazmi / En Fuead Ali



Asian Institute of Technology Dr Megat Farez, from Computer System & Networking Section, was succefully awarded a research grant from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) a collaborative research between Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines. The amount of research grant value is estimated around RM130,000.00 which focuses on Haze Monitoring System (Hazemon). This project also assist by  Visiting Professor, AP Dr Jacque Morcos from  University of La Rochelle, France Dr Megat Farez
Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia UniKL MIIT has signed an MoA with National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM) 2016, which kick-start the first 1st International Conference on Information and Communication Technology 2016 (ICICTM’16) held in the greater city of Kuala Lumpur.  The next ICICTM conference is schedule to be held in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur Dr  Amna Saad
SungKyunKwan University SungKyunKwan University (SKKU) ranked 12th QS Asia 2016, Korea has being a research partner with Universiti Kuala Lumpur MIIT for almost 6 years and has succefully organize International Conference on Ubiquitous ICT (IMCOM) and  the lastest was held at Beppu, Japan. MIIT submitted 12 research article which is accepted for Scopus ACM Proceedings 2017 Dr Dahlan / Dr Eiad
Universiti Tenaga Nasional On the 23th August 2016, UniKL MIIT has signed an MoU with UNITEN to strengthen collaboration on ICT research with UniKL MIIT. On 23-24th of August 2016, UniKL MIIT & UniKL Malaysia France Institute(MFI) & Uniten organized the 2nd Symposium on Agent &  Multi-Agent Robotics Dr Amna / Dr Dahlan
European Commission UniKL MIIT and Centre for  UniKL Teaching & Learning has succefully received a research endowment fund worth RM400,000.00 to focus on E-learning module and tools known as “SAKAI”. Several researchers from UniKL MIIT will undergo training in German and other countries which is expected to start in 2017 Dr Amna