Han Lock Siew

Han Lock Siew


Mr. Han Lock Siew is a Lecturer in the Information System Section of Malaysian Institute of Information Technology at Universiti Kuala Lumpur. He received a Master in Management Information System from University of Dallas at Texas. He has published a number of publications. He is a certified trainer in Fundamentals in Java Programming (Sun-Cisco module).


Research Areas

The primary research area is on the competitive strategy implications of machine learning algorithms for financial applications.

Selected Publications

Lock Siew Han & Md Jan Nordin. 2012. Regression Techniques for the Prediction of Stock Price Trend. IEEE, Proceedings of the Statistics in Science, Business, and Engineering, 2012 International Conference on Statistics in Science, Business and Engineering (ICSSBE).

Lock Siew Han & Md Jan Nordin. 2017. Integrated Multiple Linear Regression-One Rule Classification Model for the Prediction of Stock Price Trend. Journal of Computer Science, vol. 13, Issue 9, pp. 422-429.

Lock Siew Han & Md Jan Nordin. 2018. Predicting The Stock Price Trend Using K-Nearest Neighbours-Probabilistic Model. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, vol. 96, pp. 18.