Technical Foundation (TF) section was established in August 2015. The section has started by offering full-fledged Foundation Programme namely Foundation for Korean University Programme for aspirant students that wish to pursue tertiary education in Korean Universities. Currently, this section comprises of Korean and Mathematics Units.

TF section serves to support the other sections by providing Mathematics, Korean Language and IT subjects. Through various academic subjects, TF section shares their expertise and responsibility to ensure the best and good quality of students are produced by UniKL.

Soon TF section will expand their programmes by offering Foundation in Computer Technology, Foundation in Creative Multimedia and Transfer Degree Programme.

TF section is also actively involved in organizing short course programmes namely Korean Language Intensive Programme (K-LIP), Mathematics Intensive Programme (MIP), Statistical Data Analysis Workshop (SDA) and Korean Language Class (KLC).

Other than Pre Korea Programme, K-LIP and KLC are a part of strategies to further expand Korean Programme. This is one of the initiatives to establish Korean Language Centre at UniKL MIIT. TF section aims to be part of the University which aspires to be the best and pursues policies which are compatible with the above-mentioned goal.


  1. Foundation in Science and Technology for Korean University (click → here)

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  1. Foundation in Computer Technology(updated soon)
  2. Foundation in Creative Multimedia (updated soon)
  3. Transfer Degree Programme (updated soon)

  1. Korean Language Intensive Programme (K-LIP)

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  1. Korean Language Class (KLC) (updated soon)
  2. Mathematics Intensive Programme (MIP)

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  1. Statistical Data Analysis Workshop (SDA) (updated soon)