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Creative Multimedia & Animation

Creative Multimedia section integrates academic study in the field of creative multimedia including visual effects, sound and video production, 2D and 3D animation, web development, game design and interactive media design.

The programmes offered are Diploma in Multimedia and Bachelor of Multimedia Technology (Hons.) in Interactive Multimedia Design.

The Animation section in UniKL MIIT comprises a vibrant community of staff and students whose interest and expertise focuses on design and animation environment. We also believe that with UniKL MIIT, students will be able to experience the hands-on production skills and creative techniques.

The programs offered are Diploma in Animation and Bachelor of Multimedia Technology (Hons) in Computer Animation.

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Computer Engineering Technology

Computer Engineering Section in UniKL MIIT offers a Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Hons) program.

The programme provides students with the knowledge and skills in computer engineering to specify, design, model, implement, program, and test integrated hardware and software systems as creative solutions to engineering problems.

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Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the practice of designing and implementing large, reliable, efficient and economical software by applying the principles and practices of engineering. Software engineering covers not only the technical aspects of building software systems but also management issues.

The program offered is Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Software Engineering (BSE). The BSE program is designed to train students to become well-rounded software engineers that are equipped to handle all phases of the software development process.

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Cybersecurity Technological & Convergence

The section of Information Systems focuses on the area of managing, planning, control, coordination and decision making. The disciplines offered here focuses on solving business problems, handling and managing information systems security.

The programmes offered are Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) in Computer Entrepreneurial Management and Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Computer System Security.

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System & Networking

System & Network section integrates the hands on industry exposure into the academic based learning environment.

The programme offered is Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons) in Networking System. Our programs have a strong exposure to industry based skills and knowledge with the incorporation of industry leading technology and know-how, such as the CISCO Networking Academy into our academic programs.

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Technical Foundation

Technical Foundation (TF) section offer full-fledged Foundation Programme namely Foundation for Korean University Programme for aspirant students that wish to pursue tertiary education in Korean Universities. Currently, this section comprises of Korean and Mathematics Units.

There are a list of programmes and short courses offered in UniKL MIIT.

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Studying at one of the Malaysian largest universities you will have access to world changing research. You will be guided by a knowledgeable lecturer who will challenge you to explore, questions and discover up-to-date research into their teaching.

The programmes offered are Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology, Master of Information Technology (By Research), and Master in Computer Science.

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