Shahrizad binti Mohd Sharifuddin

Shahrizad binti Mohd Sharifuddin


Shahrizad is a Senior Lecturer in System & Networking Section at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology. She received a master degree in data telecommunication and networks from the University of Salford, United Kingdom and has been working in academic line for 15 years.  Shahrizad also involved in OBE, where she acts as one of the trainer for the curriculum concept. Besides teaching, she has experiences in coordinating programs and supervising networking-related projects.

Research Areas

Shahrizad is an established teacher and trainer computer networking, telecommunication and teaching methodology. Her research interests include wireless networking, distributed computing, radio networks, high-speed networks and problem-based learning.

Selected Publications

Shahrizad M.S.; Takruri-Rizk H. (2004) “Interference to Radiocommunications Services by Powerline Communication Systems”, MSc. Data Telecommunications & Networks, University of Salford, United Kingdom.

Mohd Nurhafeez Abd Rahman; Mohd Faiz Ahmad Zaki; Shahrizad Mohd Sharifuddin (2011) “Simulation: Optimization of Access Point Placement”.

Mohd Abrar Hafidz; Mohammad Afiq Mat Lin; Shahrizad Mohd Sharifuddin (2011) “Radio Transmission Loss Calculation System: Simulating Okumura Propagation Model”.

Zul Izham Ahmad; Muhammad Aizat Abd Rahim; Shahrizad Mohd Sharifuddin (2013) “Reducing the Effect of RFI on WLAN”.

Muhammad Ikhwanhusin Rusfan; Mohd Qushairie Mahmud; Shahrizad Mohd Sharifuddin (2015) “Vehicle Accident Detection using GPS”.

Ijlal Ibrahim Afif; Shahrizad Mohd Sharifuddin (2015) “Improved Strategic Access Point Locator”.

Ahmad Hariri Zolkeple; Shahrizad Mohd Sharifuddin (2015) “Vehicular Ad-Hoc Notification Simulation”.

Norakmal Zulkiplee, Shahrizad Mohd Sharifuddin (2016) “Java-Based Simulator for Transmission Latency Reduction”.