Rafidei bin Mohamad

Rafidei bin Mohamad


Rafidei Mohamad is a Senior Lecturer in Animation Section

Rafidei began his career as a graphic designer and eventually moved to animation. He was involved in numerous animation projects such as television commercials, international 3D animated series, corporate videos including visual effects for Malaysia’s first full length animated feature film Silat Legenda (1998). He decided to venture into the academics in a mission to share his knowledge and experience to produce new batch of local animation experts. Obtaining his Master’s Degree in Computer Science makes him a hybrid with a good balance of art and science expertise. He is presently a Senior Lecturer and Deputy of International, Industrial & Institutional Partnership (IIIP) UNIKL-MIIT. Rafidei’s research current activities include animation VR, projection mapping, augmented reality and other related activities to creative content creation. He enjoys flying miniature RC helicopter and outdoor activities with his wife and kids during his free time.

Research Areas

Animation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Games

Selected Publications

Rafidei Mohamad. A Specialized Adopted 3D Animation Pipeline for Academic Animation Teaching Institution. International Conference on Cyberology Art, Bachok 22nd – 26th

June 2014.

Rafidei Mohamad, Fauzi Naeim Mohamed, Dahlan Abd. Ghani, Muhammad Hazwan Juhari. Designing Interactive 3D Simulation Campaign to Further the Alertness of Cervical Cancer for Malaysian Public. Malaysian Institute of Information Technology Research & Development 2nd Colloquium, Kuala Lumpur 14-16th December 2010.