Mohd Taha bin Ismail

Mohd Taha bin Ismail


Mr Mohd Taha Ismail is a Senior Lecturer in the System and Network Department at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia n Institute of Information Technology. She received a Master in Computer Science from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Currently further study in PHD at Engineering Faculty UKM focusing on Clustering Techniques on Mobile Communication. Mr. Taha has published a number of papers in journals and conferences.

Mr. Taha is an established teacher and researcher in computer networking and wireless communication. Her research interests include wireless technology, networking technology, switching, routing and cellular technology. He is a IEEE students members.

Research Areas

  1. Routing and Switching – Networking Technology
  2. Mobile Communication and Wireless Technology

Selected Publications

  1. Fair Channel Allocation Techniques for Clustered Cooperative Communication in LTE/LTE Advanced, (ICCCE 2012)
  2. Vision-Based Egg Grade Classifier, (ICICTM 2016)

Professional certification

  1. CCNA Instructor – Cisco Academy
  2. CCNP1 and CCNP2 instructor – Cisco Academy

Other skills and expertise

  1. Fibre Optic – Installation, Splicing and Testing (Telekom Malaysia Certificate)