Fauzi Naeim bin Mohamed, Dr

Fauzi Naeim bin Mohamed, Dr


Dr Fauzi Naeim Mohamed is a Senior Lecturer in Animation department.

Fauzi Naeim Mohamed obtained his PhD in Film Studies from University of Malaya. Previous education include MA in Art & Design (Research) and BA in Fine Art, both awarded by Universiti Teknologi MARA. Before this, he studied architecture for three years but did not complete. Presently, Fauzi is a Senior Lecturer in Animation studies, and holds the post as Final Year Project Coordinator for Bachelor in Computer Animation programme. He has published a children illustration book, Siti (co-authored with Nurul Lina). Most of the time, he enjoys water-melon juice.

Research Areas

Phenomenology, Existentialism, Film theory, Experimental animation, Drawing, Painting, Comics.

Selected Publications

Fauzi Naeim Mohamed. Nausea: Sartre dan Bicara Kewujudan. Seminar Falsafah Malaysia III & IV. (Eds. Mohammad Alinor Abdul Kadir & Farhan Nasir). Kuala Lumpur: Pustaka Fufu Terbit, 2016, pp. 249-259.

Fauzi Naeim Mohamed. Descartes dan Kerasionalan Kewujudan di dalam ‘A Discourse on the Method.’ Jurnal Peradaban 9, 2016, pp. 121-139.

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