Amna binti Saad, Dr.

Amna binti Saad, Dr.


Dr Amna Saad is a Senior Lecturer in the System & Networking Department at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology. She received a PhD in Computer Science from the Loughborough University and worked as an Application Development Manager, Value Added Network Services, Enterprise Network Solutions, COINS, Telekom Malaysia (TM) Berhad, before she joined Universiti Kuala Lumpur in 2003. Dr. Amna Saad has published a number of papers in books, journals and conferences.

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Dr. Amna Saad is an established teacher and researcher in computer science and networking. Her research interests include Expert System, Big Data and Cloud Computing, Network Performances, Real time and embedded systems, security and E-learning and cloud education. Dr. Amna is a certified Cisco Networking Academy Instructor. She taught courses like Voice over IP, Multilayer Switching, Remote Access Network and CCNA. She also taught Research Methodology course for undergraduate students. Dr. Amna Saad was the Deputy Dean of Academic and Technology (DDAT) at Malaysian Institute of Information Technology from May 2013 until May 2018. As DDAT she Was responsible over the 14 programmes offered at UniKL MIIT. The programmes ranging from System & Networking, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Creative Multimedia and Animation. She has total of 25 year working experience in industry and academic. Dr. Amna is a member of Inmotion project grant under Eramus mundus.

Research Areas

  1. Network Performance Analysis including VoIP performance
  2. Big Data and Data Analytic on Students Performance
  3. Digital storytelling model in education
  4. Assessment on child career potential based on mobile application psychological behaviours
  5. IoT and sensory devices

Paper Reviewer :

  1. ICE2T 2014- International Conference for Engineering Technology and Technoprenuership
  2. CITA 2015- 9th International Conference on IT in Asia(CITA’15’)
  3. IIC 2015 -International Conference on Intelligent and Interactive Computing (IIC 2015).
  4. ISAMSR15-International Symposium on Agents, Multi-agent Systems and Robotics(ISAMSR15)
  5. ICoIC7- 2017 5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICoIC7)

Steering Committee Co-chair

  1. ICICTM’16.- International Conference on Information & Communication Technology

Advisory Committee

ISAMSR 2015-International Symposium on Agents, Multi-agent System, and Robotics

Publication Chair

ISAMSR 2016-International Symposium on Agents, Multi-agent System, and Robotics

Local Arrangement Chair:



  1. Team Leader: STRG-Knowledge Management Framework for Agent-mediated Continual Quality Improvement (aCQI) in Academic Management ( Total Amount: RM12,500)
  2. Team Member:Grant for InMotion Project under Eramus Mundus (Total Amount for UniKL Euro120K)

Selected Publications

  1. Application of Intelligence & Expert System, an exploration in the insurance industry in Malaysia. (Malaysian Journal Of Computer Science, volume 8, Number 1, June 1995)
  2. Saad, I.W. Phillips, and A.M. Salagean. A framework for monitoring the performance of secure VoIP. In Proc. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA 09), pages 495 – 505, 2009.
  3. Amna Saad, Mohd Izzat Mohamat Roseli, Muhammad Saufi Zulkeply, A Smart E-Voting System Using RFID Authentication Method for a Campus Electoral, ACM IMCOM 2014
  4. Ahmad R. Amran, Amna Saad, An Evidential Network Forensics Analysis Model with Adversarial Capability and Layering, International Conference on Computer Software and Application (ICCSA),  IEEE Number 32903,WCCAIS’ 2014
  5. R. Amran, A. Saad, M.R.A Razak Evidential Network Forensics Analysis with Metrics for Conviction Evidence; Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Technology and Technopreneurship 2014, ICE2T 2014 Kuala Lumpur, August 27-29, 2014.
  6. Amna Saad and Ahmad Roshidi Amran, AUTOMATED INTRUSION DETECTION AND PREVENTION SYSTEM OVER SPIT (AIDPOS), International Symposium on Technology Management and Emerging Technologies (ISTMET) 2015
  7. Khairil Nuril Naimah Mohd Zaki, Amna Saad, VoIP Data Forensic Analysis using Data Mining Tool: WEKA, KLTEC2015, December 2015
  8. Amna Saad, Ahmad Roshidi Amran, Muhamad Naim Abu Hasan, WarBox: Portable Wardriving over Raspberry PI, ICICTM16, May 2016
  9. Amna Saad, Ahmad Roshidi Amran, Ijlal Ibrahim Afif, Ahmad Hariri Zolkeple, Aidy Izzuddin Ahmad Said, Muhammad Fiqri Hamzah, and Wan Nor Salwani Wan Salim, Privacy and Security Gaps in mitigating Cyber crime: The Review, ISAMSR16, August 2016